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VIP Member Privileges and Rewards
VIP Tier Eligibility & Maintenance Requirement
VIP TierTotal Accumulated MVPsMembership ValidityVIP Tier Maintenance Turnover RequirementVIP Tier Maintenance MVPs Requirement
VIP 11,000.001 Month 3,000.00 500.00
VIP 2 5,000.00 1 Month 15,000.00 2,500.00
VIP 3 15,000.00 1 Month30,000.005,000.00
VIP 430,000.001 Month90,000.0015,000.00
VIP 5 70,000.00 1 Month150,000.0025,000.00
VIP 6 120,000.00 1 Month 300,000.00 50,000.00
VIP 7 250,000.00 1 Month900,000.00150,000.00
VIP 8500,000.001 Month1,500,000.00250,000.00
VIP 91,000,000.001 Month2,400,000.00500,000.00
VIP 103,000,000.001 Month7,200,000.001,500,000.00
VIP 115,000,000.001 Month12,000,000.002,500,000.00
VIP 1210,000,000.001 Month24,000,000.005,000,000.00
VIP 1315,000,000.001 Month36,000,000.007,500,000.00

VIP Tier Benefits
VIP TierVIP Monthly Free Credit (MYR) VIP Birthday Bonus (MYR)VIP Weekly Cash Rebate (MYR)WITHDRAWAL TIMES (PER DAY)
VIP 1 - 18.00 8% (3X Turnover)3 Times
VIP 2 38.00 38.00 8% (3X Turnover)3 Times
VIP 3 68.00 138.00 8% (3X Turnover)3 Times
VIP 4 128.00 188.00 8% (3X Turnover)3 Times
VIP 5 268.00 288.00 8% (3X Turnover)3 Times
VIP 6 388.00 388.008% (3X Turnover)3 Times
VIP 7 688.00 1,888.00 8% (3X Turnover)3 Times
VIP 8 1,188.00 6,888.00 8% (3X Turnover)3 Times
VIP 9 2,288.00 10,888.00 8% (3X Turnover)5 Times
VIP 10 6,288.00 16,888.00 8% (3X Turnover)5 Times
VIP 11 12,888.00 28,888.00 8% (3X Turnover)5 Times
VIP 12 18,888.00 48,888.00 8% (3X Turnover)Unlimited
VIP 13 28,888.00 68,888.00 8% (3X Turnover)Unlimited

Terms & Conditions :
  • This promotion is applicable for all providers except for IDN Poker, LEGaming, Citibet and PSBet.
  • All active members in FB7 will be entitled a VIP title automatically whenever members achieve the Minimum Total Deposit Amount.
  • All VIP title will be upgraded at 1st of the month.
  • There are 13 Tier VIP privileges with different benefits.
  • Monthly VIP bonus will be released on 1st of month between 12:00:00(GMT+8) - 15:00:00(GMT+8).
  • Members must deposit at least 8 times or above before 3 months of Birthday to entitle this promotion.
  • To redeem Birthday Bonus, members must provide their personal information and a complete Identity Card to our customer service on the birthday month. Each member can only apply this birthday bonus once a year.
  • Weekly Cash Rebate will be released every SUNDAY between 12:00:00(GMT+8) - 15:00:00(GMT+8).
  • If member who claimed “ANY BONUS”, Weekly Cash Rebate will not be implement.
  • Any FB7's special bonus deposit and rollover will not be counted in the VIP deposit and Turnover requirement.
  • VIP Monthly Free Credit and Birthday Bonus required 1 time turnover before any withdrawal made.
  • Only confirmed bet/wagers are counted toward into turnover requirement. All draw or tied wagers, cancelled or void wagers, placed bet on both sides, will not count toward into turnover requirement. Any bets placed containing selections of odds that are less than 0.5 or 1.50(Decimal odds) will not count toward into turnover requirement too. Roulette betting is limited to less than 24 numbers. Only 25% of total wagers placed on Roulette(All variations) will count toward into turnover requirement. Turnover on all types of non-live table slot games (e.g. Blackjack, Video Poker, Craps, American Roulette, Baccarat, and other non-live table games) will not count towards this turnover requirement unless SPECIFICALLY stated.>
  • Maximum payout for Slot Games JACKPOT MYR50000
  • Maximum payout for Sportsbook Special Bet (Mix Parlay,FT1X2,Correct Score) are MYR50000
  • FB7 reserves the right to suspend all the winnings and bonus for both side betting / abnormal betting.
  • VIP title will directly deprive if any violations of promotion T&C.
  • FB7 reserves the right to shut down / make any changes of this promotion at any time / or deprive member VIP title without any prior notice informed.
  • FB7 reserves the right to terminated any duplicated account, IP Address, Full Name, Bank Account or others violation account.
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