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About FB7 the Best and Most Trusted Malaysia Online Casino

Our Mission

FB7 aims at providing the largest one-stop gaming center to all online gaming fans in Malaysia and Asean region. As an international leading online game company, we pride ourself with a reputation of the best gaming and entertainment platform throughout the years.

We have wide range, innovative and quality gaming products in Slots, Live Casino, Sports, Horse Racing, Poker, Lottery, Fishing, Galaxy and many more with world-class game information experts, best quality with helpful and experienced customer service teams, professional marketing with unbeatable promotions, state-of-the-art technical team and user-friendly interface and confidential safety, secured and regulated online betting environment to guarantee that our customers can enjoy playing in a stress-free environment.

We have set out on this journey to give players what they want and deserve – an unparalleled level of personalisation and a casino experience like no other.

Create To Enjoy

Our members’ enjoyment is our top priority. We hope our members are hassle free here at FB7. The main reason behind Seven was it symbolises spiritual perfection – the seven wonders of the world, the seven colours of the rainbow – and in many cultures it is a lucky number. This is the reason why we named FB7.


With FB7 members can play their favourite games at any time and anywhere, and it is smoother than ever, which allows members to easily enjoy games and increase their fun times. This will be the favourite platform for members ever.


Rest assured that all products on FB7 are branded. There are well-known and trusted brands from all over the world with high reputation. The latest and the hottest games are updated from time to time to ensure members can enjoy the games for the first time. In order to guarantee our members, we are continually upgrading and enhancing the website to keep up a reliable and user-friendly platform with the latest, branded and most innovative features.


Welcome to our world of entertainment. FB7 gives a feeling of fulfillment with the great and exciting games. Let's discover the excitement and stimulating the best slots, live casino, sportsbook, horse racing and many more games just right at your fingertips. Additionally, our teams always ensured the simplicity, smoothness and convenience of the website to let you feel entertained.


We appreciate your confidence in us as your entertainment platform and we value it. Therefore ensure you always get something that you deserve. We would like to show our thanks through our excellent services, entertaining games, and attractive promotions and rewards.


At FB7, we have excellent, friendly and knowledgeable 24 hours customer service teams to serve you better. We are always ready to answer and solve customer issues or questions promptly, while also providing quality services to take care of customers needs.


Undeniably, the world is now transforming into a network world. Everything can be done on the network, and it is simple and convenient. Everyone with a network connection can begin their betting journey in FB7. We reassure that the information provided is kept securely protected, and we believe with such security and reliability in our systems, you would love a circumference where you are able to bet online on this guaranteed platform.

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